About Khabardaar Comedy Show with Aftab Iqbal


 </p> <h1>Khabardar<h1/> with Aftab Iqbal

Khabardar is one of the most popular comedy political talk show on Express News, Hosted by Aftab Iqbal, before hosting
this show
on expresss news, Aftab Iqbal used to host Khabarnaak on Geo News and earlier Hasb E Haal on Dunya News along with Sohail Ahmed Azizi, Aftab Iqbal is also a journalist and studied in America, His father is a renowned Poet (Zafar Iqbal), The show theme is to discuss political affairs in a humours style with popular Punjabi comedian of Pakistani Punjab stage show like, Agha Majid, Honey Albela, Rubi Anum, Nasir Chinoty etc etc in this comedy show the host and the actors do parody of different politicians of Pakistan to let people know about the current affairs of Pakistan and also make people aware about their rights and send a message to public regarding updated news. Agha Majid is the most popular character in this comedy show, often he performs as a Police inspector and some times as a King. Nasir Chinoty is also very popular in this show who acts as a blind police man. Honey Albela who is Haji Albela Son perform as a father of Agha Majid in some of episodes and in some episode he becomes Rubi Anum husband. These all actors do the mimicry of  different politicians of Pakistan like Imran khan, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari, Molana Fazl Ur Rehman, Rehman Malik, Afand Yaar Wali, Mehmood khan AchakZai, Khajwa Asif, etc

The show airs on express news from Thursday to Sunday 11:05 PM PST,