Haunting Before And After Images of Italy Earthquake

Haunting images capture aftermath of Italy earthquake

A strong earthquake has devastated mountain villages in central Italy killing 247 people.Hundreds of others are injured, some critically, and an unknown number are trapped under the ruins of collapsed buildings after Wednesday’s pre-dawn quake.

Italy earthquake death toll climbs to 247

Photos emerged following the quake showing some parts of the villages completely reduced to rubble.

Many homes and buildings are completely destroyed by the tremors. PHOTO: BBC

The main street through Amatrice was reduced to rubble following the earthquake. PHOTO: BBC

A residential building in the heart of Accumoli that was partially destroyed by the quake. PHOTO: BBC

A church in the town is badly damaged, having lost much of the top of the building and its roof. PHOTO: BBC

A section of the road into Pescara del Tronto is almost entirely destroyed. PHOTO: BBC